Skilled Services

Procare 2000 offers a wide range of services preformed by licensed RNs or MSWs that are geriatric specialists who assist families and patients with long-term care arrangements by:

• Conducting care-planning assessments to determine eligibility for assistance, service needs and identifying potential problems.

• Screening, arranging and monitoring in-home aides and other services.

• Acting as a liaison with non-resident family members and or doctors to give progress reports and alerting responsible parties to potential problems.

• Providing crisis avoidance and intervention.

• Reviewing medical issues and suggesting referrals to geriatric experts.

• Maximal patient comfort and minimal complications by timely assessment and intervention.

• Effective communication with physicians, compliance with their orders and patient care management.

• Optimal outcomes by coordinating care with patients and family.

Scope of Skilled Services:

• Diabetic and Post Opp Wound Care
• Diabetic Teaching

• IV Therapy: IVIG, Antibiotic Therapy

• Dressing Changes

• Medication Administration

• Pain Management

Basic Services

On a basic level we provide support personnel to assist patients within the comfort of their own homes in a variety of ways that will establish a safe, comfortable, clean environment to live. We assess our client’s needs and lifestyle to match them with the best possible caregiver.

• Homemaker/Companions

These caregivers perform a variety of duties, including light housekeeping, laundry, meal preparation, errands, and shopping. They also help patients who need assistance with eating, walking and daily hygiene in addition to providing general companionship.

• Home Health Aides

Under the guidance of licensed nurses, our Aides provide personal care services, monitor patient vital signs and other duties as directed.

• Live-In Assistance

Based on patient needs, we provide either Home Health Aides, CNA's or Homemakers/Companions to live with patients to provide optimal care and to ensure patient safety 24 hours a day.